New School Updates

New School Updates2023-03-10T14:45:49+11:00

Our Lady of Mt Carmel Catholic Primary School Waterloo is delighted to announce that we are entering a three-phase facilities upgrade. This will include a new administration block, new playgrounds and community spaces, a playgroup area, lift and new landscaping. Updates on this exciting new project will be posted here and to our school Facebook page and there will be regular updates in our school newsletter.

Phase one involves the relocation of the front office and administration block to the unused hall currently at the end of Kellick Street, fronting Elizabeth Street. This will be a completely renovated, state-of-the-art building with a professional, welcoming look and feel. No disruption will occur to our student’s learning, as the hall is located away from classrooms. 


  • Building work to commence mid August 2022
  • Completion expected November 2022


Stages two and three are currently in the planning phase. Below are architect’s impressions of some of the possibilities being explored for new playgrounds, community spaces, covered walkways, landscaping and even a lift for better accessibility.

Where can we get updates?2022-08-02T10:56:25+10:00
  • This page will be regularly updated with the latest news.
  • Updates will also be published in the school newsletter and on the school Facebook page.
What are some of the benefits we can expect from stages two and three?2022-08-02T10:55:32+10:00
  • Stages 2-3 include many more exciting features, including playground makeovers, a new community play space and playgroup. 
  • Stages 2-3 include improved site accessibility including covered walkways between classrooms, the library and admin block.
  • Stages 2-3 include improved access from Elizabeth St. A lift will be installed for mobility and pram access.
What does this mean for pick up and drop off?2022-08-02T10:54:36+10:00
  • Vehicle drop off and pick up won’t change, but teachers will escort students from the bottom of Kellick Street to the top near the previous entry. 
Will this impact my child’s learning?2022-08-02T10:53:48+10:00
  • No. Construction works are expected to cause no disruptions to students’ learning as the hall is disused and the surrounding area is a teachers’ car park.
  • Parents will pick up and drop off from the end of Kellick St, and additional supervision will be in place while families adjust to the new location of reception.
When does stage one start?2022-08-02T10:52:54+10:00
  • Stage 1 is approved to start in mid-late August, and is expected to be complete by the end of Term 4.
What are the different stages of the project?2022-08-02T10:51:59+10:00
  • There will be three stages: Stage 1 involves modernising and renovating the old hall on Elizabeth St to make room for a brand new reception and staff office area.
  • By the end of 2023, all classrooms will have new furniture, new carpet and new walls, creating learning environments that promote wellbeing and provide opportunities for explicit teaching and flexible learning.
  • Stage 1 also includes landscaping. 
  • The new location of reception will make it more accessible for those on foot.
  • Vehicle drop off will remain the same.
Why is the school getting a facilities upgrade?2022-08-02T10:44:06+10:00
  • The school is overdue for a facilities upgrade. 
  • Our classrooms have recently had a makeover (new furniture was added and classrooms were painted) and the church on our school grounds was recently renovated. We are now refreshing our building exteriors and updating our playground spaces. 
  • Our new facilities will be state of the art and will improve accessibility for parents with wheelchairs and prams.